Cecilio Davis Bio

Davis’s utmost responsibility is to find his clients the perfect space that fits their location and financial preferences in a New York minute.

As a resident of NYC himself, he understands the challenges and frustrations of apartment hunting and is committed to addressing his clients’ needs with superior service.

He can offer personalized and knowledgeable assistance, navigating his clients through the oftentimes confusing and frustrating rental and sales processes.

With an in-depth knowledge of the market, building requirements and extensive industry experience, he is an expert in locating the perfect property. He combines a phenomenal memory, a creative eye for envisioning spaces and a strong ethical sense with non-stop energy.

He has worked with a vast array of personalities and has honed a keen ability to build a strong rapport with a wide variety of people in a short amount of time.

He has an innate business sense to garner the best possible price for your apartment and will work to market your property creatively and ethically. He has access to a multitude of investors and buyers as well as strong relationships with owners and management companies throughout the city to assist in facilitating the most efficient and effective deal. Hard work, diligence and perseverance are qualities that Davis acquired while obtaining his business degree at Berkeley College & being certified through REBNY (The Real Estate Board of New York).

He has also worked several years in management and sales in the telecommunications industry before being recruited to a foreign consulate to the United Nations handling all government acquisition real estate affairs.

Working in service-based industries, Davis has developed a knack for recognizing his clients’ specific needs and the eagerness to service them.

In a city so overwhelmingly fast-paced that it can feel like each individual block is a world onto itself and each building a whole city,

Davis can offer a calm and reassuring presence. Whether finding a specialized carpenter, trustworthy movers or contractors, this Real estate Renaissance man will leave nothing unattended