About Us

About Metropolis Apartments

Founded by Tom Ripellino with over 25 years of experience in the Real Estate industry in New York, METROPOLIS APARTMENTS is a Full Service Real Estate Brokerage offering all the traditional services of a Buyer, Seller and Rental broker.

We are a Real Estate Brokerage Company first and foremost, making use of the tools of technology to augment experience with data. While the trend in the industry is for large conglomerates to identify themselves as “technology companies” who happen to do Real Estate, we have decided to not lose sight of the basics. Not every aspect of this business can be automated. There is no algorithm that can substitute for customer service forged by years of hard-earned experience.

When Barbara Corcoran sold her company in 2001 she predicted the future belonged to the boutique brokerage. Shortly thereafter, the industry trended in the opposite direction with mergers and acquisitions of smaller firms and big tech money launching new companies right out of the box.  It was all about the “tech” and the “software” (and the anticipated IPO) and “Real Estate” almost became a dirty word. But at the end of the day there was still the consumer needing to rent, buy and sell Real Estate and their needs have not changed since the first deal stuck millennia ago. You cannot automate customer service.

Many years ago, TR came across the book THE LIMITS TO GROWTH by The Club of Rome which professed imposing limits to growth to achieve a state of equilibrium.  The theory stuck with him over the years.  Bigger is not always better for the customer and very often it is not, especially considering the guidance and nurturing needed while facing some daunting decisions. They still need a skilled guide who has been down this road many times before and is willing to go the distance with them.

Each and every client is very important to us. Every one of them matters. We are there, in our clients’ corner, until the final bell.

METROPOLIS APARTMENTS is an independent brokerage enjoying the flexibility to innovate and respond to changes and opportunities in the local market. Our independence allows us to march to the beat of our own drum, to enjoy a unique culture and business model. Metropolis has cultivated a small and professional environment emphasizing customer service and professionalism. Free from restrictive red tape we do not pass the client through an assembly line of agents on the path to the closing. One dedicated professional will see the client through every step of the process, building a relationship of professional comradery and collaboration throughout the journey.

We understand that living in New York is your dream and we dedicate ourselves to making your dream come true.