Apartments For Rent

Apartments For Rent: Manhattan and the Boroughs

Metropolis Apartments has offered apartments for rent in Manhattan and the outer boroughs for nearly 20 years. With Founder and President Tom Ripellino at the helm, Metropolis offers a depth of knowledge and experience unrivaled in the New York City market.

For nearly 20 years, Metropolis has specialized in apartments for rent in New York City.

Whether it is high end luxury or the bargain basement budget, for fee or No Fee apartments for rent, the Metropolis database comprehensively covers it all. Over the years we have forged precious relationships with landlords and management companies throughout this great Metropolis. When there is a vacancy, we know about it.

Apartments For Rent: Our Boutique Approach

Our boutique approach assures our clients custom service to their apartment search. Our small team of experienced agents have been with the firm for many years and will work tirelessly to find the best apartments for rent at the lowest price. We negotiate hard for our clients to get the best deal for apartments for rent.

Apartments For Rent: Neighborhood Advice

Especially for the out of town client, our agents give sound advice regarding features of the various neighborhoods that New York offers. Our direction will cover not only sensible commuting strategies, but local area knowledge of neighborhood infrastructure and entertainment highlights.

Apartments For Rent: Negotiating The Deal

For the past twenty years Metropolis has negotiated thousands of transactions on behalf of our clients. Knowledge and experience make deal making our second nature. We will secure our clients the best terms of the deal not only concerning the rental price but in all aspects of the deal.

Apartments For Rent: Success Strategies

We offer our clients success strategies for gaining approval from landlords. Even for clients with difficult circumstances who would otherwise find it challenging to gain approval for apartments for rent in New York City.

Over the years we have found solutions for clients with the following circumstances:

  • No credit history in the U.S.
  • No social security number
  • Foreign students
  • Domestic students
  • Attorneys
  • Diplomats
  • Pets
  • New hires
  • Bad credit
  • No savings
  • Under the income requirement (40 times the rent)
  • Special needs

At Metropolis Apartments we hold the Key To The City for apartments for rent.