The Second Avenue Subway in NYC has been a transportation project that has been envisioned for over 85 years now. Since 1929, when the need for a Second Avenue Subway line was first realized and plans were first developed, there have been repeated delays and setbacks. All of those delays were linked to, not surprisingly, the economy and national wars. Finally, after many plan revisions, in 2007 work began in earnest. Phase 1 of the 4 phase project was finally fully funded – or so we believed.


Funding for the Second Avenue Subway Project from 1929 – 2015

When the Second Avenue Subway was first planned back in 1929, it was estimated that the total construction cost would be $98,900,000. Today we laugh at such a figure. We are now talking billions of dollars per phase.


Just a few months ago, with over 80% of the Second Avenue Subway phase 1 project completed, MTA Chairman, Thomas Prendergast, wrote a letter to First Deputy Mayor Anthony Shorris reiterating that the Second Avenue Subway line completion was “critical to the future of the city itself.” He stated his reasons as:
“The MTA and its transit system are at a crossroads. Ridership has never been higher. The city’s population has grown and its location has shifted, putting pressure on transit in newly developed neighborhoods, and, in fact, the entire system.”



Mr. Prendergast’s reason for the letter however, was to request $1 billion for the Second Avenue Subway over the next five years. On top of that, an additional $1.5 billion will be needed for repairs and maintenance.



While it is true that the first phase of the Second Avenue Subway project is due for completion by December of 2016, even that may be delayed. In a report made just this past week, Matthew Welbes, Executive Director of the Federal Transit Administration in Washington, D.C., commented on the Second Avenue Subway project:
“It looks like the project is trending, based on our data, toward an opening of closer to, maybe early in, sometime in 2017.”

But, with all of that fudging, the FTA has been contradicting the MTA’s prediction by stating that they believe the opening of phase 1 will be more like 2018.


Current Second Avenue Subway Line Time Frame Predictions


Okay, so if the Second Avenue Subway line has been in the works for over 85 years already, what is the current plan? Will you see any of it in your lifetime? While you most probably will experience the benefits of the first phase completion, certainly those who lived in 1929 will never benefit from any of the completion.


Here is the projected plan:

• Present – December 2016: Phase 1 (96th Street to 63rd Street). This phase is projected to serve 200,000 daily riders.
• Phase 2 (125th Street to 96th Street). Currently underfunded and cannot begin construction until more fully funded. The projection is to begin construction sometime in 2019, at the earliest.
• Phase 3 (63rd Street to Houston Street). No funding at all yet.
• Phase 4 (Houston Street to Hanover Square). No funding at all yet.
At this time, when the complete Second Avenue Subway line is finished, the projection is that it will serve 560,000 daily riders. Most likely it will be considerably more by the time the line is totally ready. The projection is for 2029.



Written by Anne Schabert for

Photography by Tom Ripellino


Top 5 Toddler Activities In NYC

When we think of New York, we think of a town where people go to make dreams happen. We think of young adults starting an acting career, modeling career, and the list goes on.
New York is a great place to raise a family, though and most people don’t  think about that. While it is a place where dreams come true, it’s also a great place full of opportunities for your little tyke to explore. Here are the top 5 toddler activities in NYC.



1) Children’s Museum of Manhattan

The Children’s Museum of Manhattan is a great place for toddler activities in NYC. A top venue for your child to learn and play at the same time. They have a program specifically designed for children 4 years old and under to prepare them for school. This program lets them explore and discover while learning fundamental lessons for growth. They also have a Dora and Diego exhibit which helps children ages 2-6 years old learn about animals. Not only are these great toddler activities in NYC, but if you have older kids they can have fun too.


2) The Playroom NYC

The Playroom provides classes every week to help your child learn valuable lessons as part of their toddler activities in NYC. The classes have different age ranges depending on the content to ensure that your little one is engaged in developmentally appropriate fun! They also have open play hours Monday through Friday, that way your child can take the reins in deciding how to play.


3) Kidville

Kidville has various locations offering toddler activities in NYC. They feature a wide variety of classes including art, camp, cooking, dance, enrichment, gym, music, parenting, and Kidville University. Kidville is specifically for children from birth to six years old. They also offer play space hours for members.


4) Books of Wonder

For your little bookworms, you can take them to Books of Wonder, where even you can find a little joy. Books of Wonder has events which include book readings and book releases among their toddler activities in NYC. It’s a classic way to educate your child and get them something that they can remember. Books of Wonder also has a rare books section which includes rare children’s books as well. This is another one where the whole family can find happiness.


5) Central Park


Last but not least, good ol’ Central Park is loaded with toddler activities in NYC. If you want to get your kids outside for some family fun, try Central Park! You could have a picnic or visit Belvedere Castle. You could go to the carousel or the children’s zoo which is located in the Central Park Zoo. Honestly, you could just enjoy the fresh air! This is a great option for families on a budget or families who love getting outside and having a great time.

I hope seeing some of these attractions have inspired you to get out there and do something with your family. There are indoor play areas, museums, bookstores, and Central Park is always an option (as long as it’s warm!) Remember, New York City isn’t just for the young and ambitious. There are plenty of opportunities for the itty-bitty members of the family, too. There are many toddler activities in NYC.

Written by Brittany Spencer

Photography by Tom Ripellino

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