Manhattan No Fee Apartments

Outstanding Manhattan No Fee Apartments

At METROPOLIS, many of our landlords pay us an O.P. (Owner Paid) broker commission. In this case we offer Manhattan No Fee apartments . Initially, we will make every effort to find you a NO FEE apartment in Manhattan which will meet all of your desired criteria. In addition, we also dig around to find the next best alternative that makes sense to you. The broker fee can range from less than a month’s rent to 15% of the yearly rent. We’ll review the details for your choices of Manhattan No Fee apartments .


That is the question. Some apartments that require a fee are the best deals in town. How so? Because for some no broker fee apartments, the broker fee is loaded into the rental price by the landlord (to offset the cost of paying the broker commission) . When it comes time to renew the lease, the base rent of the first year will be reflected in the renewal price. However, when a tenant pays a broker fee it is paid only once. If the broker fee was loaded into the rental price you could in effect, be paying that broker fee again, every time you renew the lease. If you plan to stay in a Manhattan apartment rental for more than one year it makes sense to rent a cheaper apartment and pay the one time broker fee.

Options for Manhattan No Fee Apartments

Many of our landlords also offer rent concessions instead of a broker O.P. (resulting in Manhattan no fee apartments).  You will pay a broker fee for an apartment with concessions but you could enjoy up to three months free rent in the first year. It makes sense to consider the net effective rent when comparing options. Browse our listings for NYC or Manhattan no fee apartments.

Excellent Service, Quality Apartments, No Broker Fee

We do everything we can to find and negotiate the best deal for you, all things considered. Our closing department has years of experience in negotiating deals. Metropolis offers a broad selection of Manhattan no fee apartments as well as excellent customer service. Metropolis enjoys many long established relationships with the best NYC landlords–an essential element in landing the best Manhattan no fee apartments for you.

Whether you rent Manhattan no fee apartments or a for fee Manhattan apartment rental from Metropolis you will be getting one of the best deals in town.

At METROPOLIS we offer a large selection of Manhattan No Fee Apartments.