Schools Along York Avenue NYC: Why So Many?


schools along york avenue nyc
York Avenue offers a plethora of schools.

New York City has long been known as The Big Apple. It has equally been known as The Melting Pot due to the many differing cultures which tend to divide NYC into sections of ethnicities. It is therefore not surprising to find a cluster of amenities that reflect the interests and beliefs of the ethnic groups within each section. In the case of schools along York Avenue NYC, data analysis shows why there are so many high quality pre-schools and private schools clustered there.

schools along york avenue nyc
School buses lined up every morning along York Avenue.

Location, Location, Location, So the Saying Goes!

In order to understand why so many great schools along York Avenue NYC exist, one needs to understand some of the demographics of the East Side of NYC, and specifically of York Avenue.

According to Wikipedia:

“York Avenue and Sutton Place are the names of a relatively short north-south thoroughfare in the Yorkville, Lenox Hill, and Sutton Place neighborhoods of the East Side of Manhattan, in New York City. York Avenue runs from 59th to 91st Streets through eastern Lenox Hill and Yorkville on the Upper East Side….The street is considered among the city’s most affluent, and both portions are known for upscale apartments, much like the rest of the Upper East Side.”
In an Upper East Side report, Wikipedia stated some statistics which also reflect on why there are so many great pre-schools and private schools along York Avenue NYC:
“…the neighborhood contains the greatest concentration of individual wealth in Manhattan. As of 2011, the median household income for the Upper East Side was $117,903. As of 2011, 60.6% of adults (25+) had earned a bachelor’s degree or higher.”

schools along york avenue
Every morning is greeted with a gaggle of strollers along York Avenue.

Schools along York Avenue NYC Are in a Relatively Safe, Affluent and Well-Educated Neighborhood
Young families with children who settle on the Upper East Side of Manhattan tend to be:

  1. Highly educated professionals, who put a high priority on quality education for their children.
  2. Parents who both work as professionals outside the home and send their young children to pre-schools.
  3. Affluent, and therefore can afford to send their children to pre-schools and private schools.
  4. Often of an ethnic group that puts top priority on beginning education and appreciation of the arts at an early age.
  5. Want their children to be educated in a safe environment with other children who share a similar social background.

So when you question why there are so many of the best schools along York Avenue NYC, consider the above data and statistics and you will have your answer.

schools along york avenue
York Avenue is very kid friendly.

Written by Anne Schabert for

Photography by Tom Ripellino